Position Statements

The Craft Beer Industry Association has developed position statements on the following issues:


Social responsibility

The Craft Beer Industry Association believes that the responsible enjoyment of beer can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

We strongly oppose the illegal use of our products through activities such as underage drinking and drink driving. We, as brewers, are offended by those who misuse our products. We recognise the importance of education when it comes to the responsible enjoyment of craft beer and strongly support the work of DrinkWise Australia.

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission action in respect of misleading labelling

The CBIA recognises that for many consumers of craft beer the circumstances in which the beer is brewed (including the scale and location of the brewery) may be a significant factor influencing their choice of beer. Beer labelling and marketing that intentionally misleads consumers is contrary to the ethos of craft beer. The CBIA strongly supports any steps taken to facilitate honesty and transparency in beer marketing, and will be working closely with the ACCC and craft beer producers to help achieve these objectives.

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission action in respect of anticompetitive conduct/exclusionary tap contracts

The CBIA is committed to assisting craft beer producers in entering and trading in local markets for draught beer. Concerns have been raised regarding the widespread use of exclusive or semi-exclusive tap contracts insofar as their prevalence may operate as a barrier to entry by smaller craft beer producers into those markets. These concerns are the subject of investigation by the ACCC. The craft beer industry welcomes a debate over tap contracts and supports the competition regulator’s investigation to ensure that all participants in the Australian draught beer markets conduct themselves lawfully and those markets are fair and competitive.