Craft Beer Awards 2015 – Volunteer Opportunities

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The CBIA is currently seeking an extraordinary volunteer crew to assist in the delivery of the Craft Beer Awards competition and ceremony.

This represent a unique opportunity to support the craft beer industry, with the following benefits of being involved:

  • Opportunity to be involved in the high-profile Craft Beer Awards
  • Engage with industry members, build relationships and networking opportunities
  • Keep abreast with the industry, changes in trends, and identify up and coming producers
  • Hands-on experience and develop understanding of the judging process.
  • Limited edition volunteer Craft Beer Awards 2015 t-shirt
  • Randomised sample of beers
  • 50% off ticket price for awards ceremony
  • All meals provided

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Sorting Team (x 4)
  • Table Captain (x 7)
  • Stewards (x 14)
  • Comment Cards (x 2)
  • Randomising Crew (x 2)
  • Awards team (x 4)

Volunteers applying for any of the above positions must be able to meet the following criteria:

  • High level of ethical and professional conduct
  • Commit to a full day of judging which may require a start time of 7.30am and finishing at 5pm
  • Maintain neutrality, so as not to influence the judging process
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement
  • For Volunteers required on competition days, attend Volunteer briefing session on the mornings of the judging to become familiar with the Competition processes

Please note: If you are currently affiliated with a brewery entering the competition, we will not be able to place you as a volunteer on the days of the judging competition, but would welcome you and your assistance at the awards event.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please fill out this form, and send back to

If you require further information about these opportunities, please contact Katherine McLean – CBIA Event and Sponsorship Manager on 0411 054 600, or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Katherine McLean
CBIA – Events and Sponsorship Manager


Sorting Team (approx. 4 positions available)

Required in Newcastle: 2 days during the week 12th to 16th of October. Responsible to the Cellar Manager.

  • Responsible for the receipt and inventory of all beer
  • Provides timely notification of all discrepancies to Cellar Manager
  • Provides information for all database entries as to which beers are in which box and ensures proper labelling
  • Ensures accuracy of sorting process by conducting random checks
  • Build boxes for sorted entries
  • Organises/palletises beers by Session 1 – 4


Required in Sydney


Table Captain (approx. 7 positions available)

Required for two competition judging days 20th & 21st October 2015. Responsible to the Chief Steward

  • Lead Steward for a table, supported by two Stewards
  • Responsible for corresponding judge table (Judges, supplies)
  • Double checks beers are presente3d accordingly (in order, correct beer, proper pouring technique and amount, proper temperature)
  • Ensures stewards are handling beers correctly and are comfortable carrying trays and placing beers at table in front of judges
  • Provides feedback to Stewards as needed
  • Assists with all other duties as assigned

Stewards (approx. 14 positions available)

Required for two competition judging days 20th & 21st October 2015. Responsible to the Table Captain.

  • Follow all instruction from the Table Captain
  • Obtain beer to be judges from Chief Steward
  • Verify correct beers were obtained by matching to pick sheet
  • Organises glassware and stickers associated for each beer to be served
  • May pour beers (at the discretion of the Table Captain) after training is completed under supervision of Chief Steward
  • Serves Judges beers
  • After Judges are served, one steward remains near Judge table in case Judges require anything
  • Replenishes palate cleansers on Judges tables
  • Move beers to sampling table ONLY when Chief Steward notifies the Stewards
  • Keep back of house area clean and neat
  • Assists with all other duties as assigned

Comment Cards (Two positions available)

Required for two competition judging days 20th & 21st October 2015. Works under the supervision of the Event Manager.

  • Organises all incoming comment paperwork by beer entry
  • Associates paperwork with Brewery file

Randomising Crew (Two positions available)

Required for two competition judging days 20th & 21st October 2015. Works under the direction of the Chief Steward.

  • Organises and maintains tasting table; clearing beers etc.
  • Assist with the distribution of the beers from the pallet at the direction of the Chief Steward
  • Collects the beers not opened once the Chief Steward has given approval
  • Creates randomised beer boxes – one mixed box for each volunteer per day

Awards Team (Four positions available)

Required for final competition judging day 21st & the day of the CBA ceremony 23rd October. Works under the direction of the Event Manager.

  • Assist with the movement of beer from truck to venue
  • Assist with set-up of awards venue as needed
  • Provides any support as required during the awards