Purpose and History

The Craft Beer Industry Association is a national body, which represents the Australian craft brewing industry.

We aspire to be the independent, unifying voice shaping and driving the future of Australian craft beer.

Our four key tenants are:

Independent: The Board operates as independent representatives of our members under a constitution registered with ASIC.

Unifying: We aim for a united approach to issues affecting the commercial sustainability of our industry.

Shaping: We want to build knowledge and share ideas from around the globe to continuously improve our industry.

Driving: We are focused on increasing education and awareness that leads to sustainable growth in volume and value of craft beer.

We define an Australian craft brewer as being a brewer based in Australia producing less than 40 million litres of beer per annum.

Membership is open to brewers, members of the craft beer industry and individual good beer lovers.

The Craft Beer Industry Association had its beginnings in May of 2011 when a group of brewers came together to try and achieve what had been talked about by many over the years – a national association for the benefit of the craft brewing industry.

A Steering Committee was formed to work out the best way this could be achieved. An inclusive approach was decided on. An approach that recognised that the industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses with its heartland being the small brewers who provide the colour, interest and product diversity.

The association was designed to be representative of the whole industry with each member having an equal voice regardless of size.

The Steering Committee consulted widely and worked with the state based brewers’ associations to put the association’s framework in place.

This work culminated in the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Craft Beer Industry Association in Melbourne on the 16th of May, 2012 where its first board was elected.